Kyekyewere Ghana Tribal Counsel  (2011- Present)
Chief Nana Sono is the second generation Chief of the Kyekyewere Ghana Tribal Counsel, responsible for the stewardship of approximately 2000 acres (and its' precious resources) that make up the major holdings of his native village of Kyekyewere. We have been retained by Chief Nana Sono and his Tribal Counsel (the client) to act as Exclusive Mandate/Principal Advisor in all matters pertaining to all rights associated with the land and its underlying resources.
Currently we are working with the client to secure all legal confirmations of the land ownership, jurisdiction, and control as Ghana transitions out of a Prime Ministerial general election.  Upon all proper confirmations, we shall execute a comprehensive mineral and agricultural mapping of the land to approximate its gross value.
For the near-term, we have been asked to provide and present credible, capable, sympathetic parties interested in the land. For the long-term, we have been asked to design and implement legacy initiatives – infrastructure, health, education, professional development – for client’s indigenous constituents, as standard in all agreements of interest in the land.
This ongoing assignment falls under our firm’s broader initiative called the African Continent Initiative for Robust Financial Advancement (ACIRFA).