Investment Services

Real Estate
  - Creating short-term/long-term investment and exit strategies
  - Locating effective investment markets
  - Building the property purchase team of industry professionals
  - Selecting and locating prospective properties
  - Structuring and negotiating property purchases
  - Acting as Property Management / Investor liaison
  - Preparing Monthly Profit & Loss Statements
  - Structuring and negotiating property sales

        Project & Business Investments
  - Qualify discrete, short-term/long-term investment opportunities
  - Qualify businesses seeking short-term/long-term investment
  - Structure and negotiate investment terms
  - Ongoing monitoring of investment performance
  - Prepare monthly Profit & Loss Statements
  - Act as Investor liaison with project/business principals
  - Select, locate, and qualify prospective Investors
  - Structure and negotiate investment terms
  - Act as project/business principal liaison with Investors

International Precious Metals Trading

  - Broker the purchase of precious stones and metals from Africa
  - Act as Investor liaison throughout the entire investment process