DRC Presidential Campaign (Feb 2011-July 2011)
In February 2011, we were retained by Dr. Oscar Kashala to strategically elevate his U.S. political profile, as well as the U.S. profile of his presidential campaign for President of the Democratic Republic Of The Congo.
As a first step, we conducted several meetings to measure the fundamental alignment between the candidate, his advisors, and his campaign principals and the campaign’s stated vision, mission, and programs.  The misalignment on every level was clear and acknowledged by all parties, with resolution of the same being a secondary goal of our assignment.
We developed a comprehensive strategy of candidate/campaign promotion and publicity initiatives that began with an exclusive, high-profile luncheon reception at NYU's Africa House in New York City.  The luncheon also served as a venue to capture footage for an in-progress promotional video documentary of the candidate and his international campaign.
Following the NYU Africa House luncheon, we arranged for the candidate to be a featured panelist at the four-day Milken Institute Global Conference in LA.  At the event, we facilitated over thirty-two high-profile, direct introductions to the candidate, including: Sovereign Wealth Fund Managers; Global Private Equity Partners; U.S. Senators; T.V./Media personalities.
We arranged exclusive publicity interviews with Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, and Forbes Video Magazine.  And finally, we arranged a closed one-on-one meeting between the candidate, Mr. Milken, and the Milken Institute principals.
For the final initiative in this promotion/publicity assignment, we arranged an appearance for the candidate at the United Nation's Africa Day Celebration – the results of which included exclusive invitations for the candidate to appear on NY-1 Cable News, address the National Council of Black Mayors, and consult with the V.P. of Science & Innovation of the Franklin Institute.
At the conclusion of our assignment to enhance the candidate’s U.S. profile, the candidate’s follow-on campaign efforts on the ground in the DRC fell short.  Nonetheless, the candidate credited us for a “great job and superb strategic approach ...” in bringing the requested U.S. profile and visibility to his international campaign.