Business Consulting Process

Before we can help you get there, we need to understand where you are right now.   We observe, discover and present a snapshot of your business's strengths and challenges.
Observe   We see you in action over a 3-day period.
Discover   We interview your executive team and staff to hear  their vision, goals, and perspectives on the business. Often this is  where disconnects are revealed.

Present     After the interview process, we present our findings together with a plan for aligning your people and processes—improving the foundation for your business success.

In this phase we:
  1. Communicate areas of misalignment relative to:
        - Purpose, Vision and Mission of business
  2. Propose steps to bring your team into alignment by:
        - Developing a set of corporate guidelines
        - Reinforcing that the process entails self-scrutiny and integrity

We understand that implementing new systems and procedures requires “on the ground” reinforcement and support, so we work with you on-site to help you make your vision a reality. We help you
  3. Understand challenges as either a) Acute or b) Chronic, with a plan for addressing them using the new guidelines.
  4. Ask the team to commit to the guidelines so that their decisions moving forward are based on principles, not personalities or reactions.

To solidify the foundations for building your self-running business, we will work with you to design or refine the day-to-day operations and culture according to:

Structure: setting the framework for your business operation, such as organizational charts, staff hierarchy, and reporting paths
Systems:  revising the business execution as a whole, such as accounting, human resources, project management, customer service, performance measurement, etc.
Policies: designing the rules by which we agree to conduct the business
Procedures: documenting the tasks and processes used to conduct the business