Friday April 6, 2018
Little Ferry, New Jersey, USA


A trio of local business men, dba KBF Restaurant Group, bring their enthusiasm for their favorite food to their timely acquisition of Zio’s Pizzeria in Little Ferry, N.J.   This longtime neighborhood eatery enjoys an established lunch-time and delivery business of its daily-fresh fare:

LBP has been asked to:
+ increase profitability
+ develop the existing menu and brand  
+ expand to a second location …

… LBP will draw on its hospitality industry experience to make Zio’s (“uncle” in Italian) the neighborhood favorite.

Thursday November 16, 2017
Staten Island, New York, USA


After several rounds of meetings with the UAU's Deputy Director of Workforce Development, BRIAN LICATA, LBP signed an MOU to conduct a ten-day audit period of onsite operations at the UAU's New Dorp Staten Island offices, commencing Monday November 13th. The audit would also include staff interviews, student interviews, Partner-Business interviews, and a review of marketing and promotional materials.

Expanded discussions with Deputy Director BRIAN LICATA yielded a comprehensive retainer for LBP to primarily provide Business Development in the new UAU markets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, then secondarily provide On-Call Business Advisory/Consulting Services across the areas of Internal Operations, Marketing, Fundraising, Program Development and Special Projects.
UAU is a forty-year-old Staten Island-based Not-For-Profit that provides an array of after-school youth programs, as well as a growing portfolio of youth employment development and job training programs for high schoolers, college-aged, and out-of-school young adults. With a growing positive reputation at the local, city, and state government levels, UAU is seeking to grow its brand into new markets, with expanded initiatives, and fine-tuned operations to support their planned growth.
The Workforce Development division of the UAU currently manages a roster of upwards of six thousand youth, placing them through intense orientations and job-training workshops, then placing the youth in paid/unpaid internships with over four hundred and thirty eight Partner-Businesses throughout Staten Island, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

For his part, Deputy Director BRIAN LICATA enthusiastically states the vision for his organization as "... a pathway to college or career for every youth on Staten Island."
For this assignment, LBP PARTNER COLLEEN WINNEY will provide all marketing and promotion advisory, and SENIOR ASSOCIATE DINGHAN LIANG will lead the support of PARTNER LINK BLAKE across the new business development and the on-call business advisory/consulting services.

Working with the UAU will afford LBP the opportunity to bring its extensive private-sector business and corporate experience into the Not-For-Profit sector -- with an aim of making positive legacy contributions to this evolving sector.

Monday August 14, 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada USA


The principals of Sama Entertainment agreed to formally retain LBP for a discrete ninety-day period of strategic advisory and active consulting services. Senior Associate Dinghan Liang is commended for her facilitation.

Sama Entertainment is the dba production company formed to produce and mount the live-performance stage show depicting the life-story of Ms. Ane' Marshall, 26-year member of the famed Motown Group, The Shirelles.

See a promotional excerpt of the show, This Is A Man's World ... Buttt

LBP will provide strategies to raise financing for the production, as well as advisory on the show's long-term development and distribution.

For more information email:

Friday June 9, 2017
Africa House, NYU, New York USA

Link Blake Meets Ghana President

As LBP is in talks with the new Ghana administration to launch a nationwide agriculture initiative and a sports venue redevelopment project in Ghana, Link Blake meets His Excellency, President Akufo-Addo at a private reception at NYU's Africa House.
©NYU Photo Bureau: Olivo

Friday March 10, 2017
Tamale, Republic Of Ghana, Sub-Saharan West Africa

Sabonkudi Estates Retains LBlakes Partners

After five days of discussions and formal meetings in Tamale, Ghana with Partner Link Blake of LBlakes Partners, the principals of Sabonkudi Estates requested to formally retain LBlakes Partners on an open-ended, ongoing basis, commencing in April, 2017.

Sabonkudi Estates is the largest private/family-owned residential and commercial real estate developer in the Northern Region of the Republic Of Ghana.  This second generation family business has over one hundred and twenty residential rental units and commercial properties and is looking to expand its portfolio of holdings with premiere hotel developments and prime land acquisitions.
Sabonkudi Investments is the investment arm of the family enterprise, specializing in investment advisory, retirement planning and financial due-diligence.
LBlakes Partners will provide overall operational strategies, structures and systems to facilitate the growing real estate division.   Strategies to better coordinate and integrate the operations of the real estate division and the investment division will be a priority.  

Sabonkudi Estates will enable LBlakes Partners to expand its operations in Sub-Saharan West Africa and to facilitate the adoption of its systems for building sustainable legacy enterprises.

For more information email: